Edward Sloan

Business and Commercial Law:

Ed Sloan can help you with all your business needs, from incorporating/organizing your business to afford personal protection to assistance in preparation of contracts required in the performance of your business functions. Mr. Sloan has the necessary skill set to provide valuable legal advice in complex business transactions, everyday issues facing CEO’s and CFO’s and the ability to solve human resource issues arising in the business setting. Mr. Sloan is consistently using a cost versus benefit analysis in our representation of business clients. Our goal is to provide cost effective legal services to business owners. Areas of expertise include:

  • business formation
  • strategic planning
  • contract negotiations and preparation
  • docketing and tracking of major deadlines and requirements under contracts
  • trademark registration and maintenance
  • employee relations
  • employment and independent contractor agreements
  • buy-sell agreements
  • stock sales, transfers and redemptions
  • asset sales
  • business dissolution
  • human capital issues
  • real estate issues and succession planning

Mr. Sloan is flexible and recognizes that the business climate changes routinely, which effects the analysis of the business issues.

Trademark Registration and Maintenance:

Do you have a product or service in use that you wish to trademark? Do you have an idea for a product or service that you intend to use and would like to file for registration? The in’s and out’s of the USPTO requirements and regulations can be tricky and oftentimes confusing. Let Mr. Sloan assist you in determining if your trademark can be registered, in filing the application and corresponding with the USPTO, and in ensuring all required filings and renewals are made once the registration has occurred.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning:

Mr. Sloan has the expertise and experience to offer estate and tax planning for everyone with an emphasis on large estate and succession planning for CEOs and CFOs, business owners and any client who needs to put their affairs in order.


Mr. Sloan understands that the loss of a loved one is a trying time in a person’s life and that handling the final affairs of the loved one can sometimes be overwhelming. For over 20 years he has been helping individuals navigate the court system with administration of estates both with Wills and without Wills, and with small estate proceedings.


Unpleasant as it is, sometimes it is necessary to use the law to collect what is due for services rendered and/or items sold. At Petefish we can assist you by examining your particular situation and providing advice as to the likelihood of success in filing a lawsuit, or if you would just be throwing good money after bad. If a lawsuit is warranted, we can assist you with properly following the Fair Debt Collection Act, if required, or with the filing of a breach of contract claim. Petefish can also provide assistance with the collection of judgments once obtained and garnishment of earnings/ assets of the judgment debtor.

Real Estate:

Mr. Sloan can assist you in your sale or purchase of real property, clearing title encumbrances, dealing with eminent domain proceedings, and a myriad of other real estate related issues.

Divorce/Post Divorce:

Mr. Sloan can assist you in obtaining a Divorce or with Post-Divorce custody and support issues.