Construction Law

Petefish, Immel, Hird, Johnson, Leibold & Sloan, LLP provides comprehensive attorney services to owners, general contractors, subcontractors, designers, material suppliers, sureties, and others involved in public and private construction in Lawrence, KS and the surrounding area.

Petefish’s attorneys provide guidance and assistance at every step of the construction process, from initial contracting and design through final payment and warranty issues.  By drafting and negotiating strong contracts, Petefish helps its clients reduce the likelihood of disputes and maximize favorable outcomes.  However, when a dispute arises and an amicable resolution cannot be reached, Petefish is experienced in handling courtroom litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Contract Preparation and Negotiation

A successful construction project begins with strong construction contract documents.  Petefish prepares, reviews and negotiates prime contracts, subcontracts, design-build agreements, surety agreements, and other common construction documents.  We are well-versed in common industry contracting documents such as ConsensusDOCS, AIA, and DBIA, and experienced in preparing client-specific contract documents for a single project or multiple projects.

Public Construction

Public construction projects can be an important source of revenues, but they involve special rules, regulations and requirements that can be traps for the unwary.  Petefish’s attorneys provide guidance and support on a full range of public construction issues, including surety bonding/Miller Act requirements, Davis Bacon Act wage and hour compliance, claims/requests for equitable adjustment, and compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and state and local public construction laws.

Labor Relations

Harmonious labor relations are a key ingredient in successfully completing a construction project.  Petefish’s attorneys can help clients understand their obligations under federal and state laws governing wages and hours, overtime, benefits, affirmative action, and negotiation with unions.

Lien and Bond Matters

Mechanics’ liens and surety bonds are a key piece of the construction landscape.  For subcontractors and material suppliers, a timely mechanics’ lien or surety bond claim may be the only effective way to collect amounts due and owing.  On the other side, owners and general contractors may struggle to defend lien and bond claims they believe to be undeserving.  Petefish is experienced with the ins and outs of mechanics liens and surety bonds and can help prepare or defend a lien or bond claim.

Dispute Resolution

No matter how well-intentioned the parties may be, disputes often arise on public and private construction projects.  Petefish is well-versed in resolving construction disputes, whether by mediation, arbitration, or litigation.  In addition, for federal construction projects, Petefish can help prepare requests for equitable adjustments, claims, or appeals to the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, or federal court.