Residential and Business Leasing

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, your lease may be one of the most important documents you sign.  Petefish has extensive experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial and residential leases for properties in Lawrence, KS and the surrounding area.  Petefish’s leasing services include:

Commercial Leases.  Petefish assists landlords and tenants alike in preparing, reviewing and negotiating leases for retail stores, restaurants, offices, industrial facilities, and other commercial spaces.
Residential Leases.  Lawrence is home to many residential renters.  Petefish works with single-family and multi-family homeowners, as well as tenants, to prepare, review and negotiate residential leases for student and non-student tenants.
Disputes and Evictions.  When disputes arise between landlords and tenants, Petefish helps resolve them.  Petefish attorneys prepare and defend evictions, claims for unlawful detainer, and other claims stemming from the landlord-tenant relationship.