Title IX, University Disciplinary Hearings, Appeals, Terminations

Many colleges have entire departments devoted to performing disciplinary investigations, conducting administrative hearings, and assembling hearing panels when a student or faculty member is accused of violating a university rule. The subject matter of these proceedings range from student misconduct to the denial of tenure for a faculty member, or the non-renewal of a graduate teaching position. Universities can issue a fine, order community service, suspend, and even expel a student depending on the severity of the offense alleged. The process is often controlled by university-specific rules and regulations that favor the university – not the student or faculty member.

The Petefish Law Firm is home to Terence Leibold and Matthew Donnelly, both attorneys who are experienced representing parties that want to defend themselves against university disciplinary actions. Our location, just a few blocks from the University of Kansas campus, affords clients a convenient and trusted local advocate that knows how to protect your rights through all stages of the administrative process, and if necessary, in the district and appellate courts.