KU Judicial Panel Disagrees with Student Affairs, Vacates Sanctions Against Student

After a recent hearing before the University of Kansas Judicial Board Appeals Panel, the panel issued its decision agreeing with arguments presented by Petefish associate Matt Donnelly, and reducing sanctions that had previously been imposed by KU against Donnelly’s client, an undergraduate student.

The sanctions were imposed by KU’s Office of Student Affairs based on an alleged violation of KU’s Non-Academic Misconduct Policy.  The sanctions included requiring the student to undergo a psychological assessment, which the student had to pay for out-of-pocket.  Additionally, if the student did not agree to the psychological assessment and provide a letter from the provider confirming completion, KU would not allow the student to enroll in the subsequent semester.

That sanction was deemed improper by the panel, and contrary to University Senate Rules & Regulations which state that KU’s discretion is abused “if it is based on improper considerations, entirely fails to consider an important aspect of the problem, or lacks a plausible explanation of the connection between the facts found and the recommendations made.”

The panel’s decision has allowed the student the peace of mind to resume studies, while at the same time protecting the private information of the student.