KU to Allow Concealed Carry of Weapons, KU Basketball Probably Not

On July 1, 2017, barring any changes from the Kansas Legislature, a new law will go into effect requiring the University of Kansas to allow the concealed carrying of firearms in virtually all buildings on its campus, including classrooms.  This right to carry applies to anyone who is at least 21 years of age, and no training or certification of any kind is required.

Last week, a Kansas Senate committee considered a bill that would have kept concealed guns out of all public colleges and hospitals, but the bill was narrowly rejected.

Therefore, as the law stands, the only way that KU can keep guns out of its buildings is by providing “adequate security measures,” which would include the installation of metal detectors at all public entrances, and hiring armed guards to monitor the entrances.  Most observers see the implementation of these security measures as virtually impossible given the state of Kansas’ ongoing budget woes.

KU Athletics officials have discussed their intention to install metal detectors and possibly reduce the number of entrances into Allen Fieldhouse for basketball games, and Memorial Stadium for football games.  The additional security is estimated to come with a hefty price tag – over $1 million.  For fans, this will make the process of getting into each venue significantly slower.

For more information on the University of Kansas Board of Regents’ policy on weapons on campus, click here.