Lawrence Property Tax Appeals

Many Lawrence homeowners recently found out their property taxes have increased significantly.  Some properties jumped 20%, leaving affected families with a large, unexpected cost added to their yearly budget.

Commercial properties were also hit hard, leaving businesses scrambling to generate additional revenue needed to balance their books.

So what can you do?

Petefish attorneys have assisted clients by appealing Douglas County’s valuations, and lowering the appraisal value of their property, which in turn reduces the property tax owed to the county.

The process involves initiating the appeal within applicable time limits, and providing information that will support the client’s position, which can include: comparable sale, lease, or capitalization data; listing information for sale of the property; pending sale offers; any paid appraisal of the property; cost estimates regarding maintenance; and other documentation that supports a decreased valuation.  Once the county reviews the information submitted by the property owner, a hearing will be scheduled with the Douglas County Appraiser’s Office.

Contact a Petefish attorney today to discuss whether a property tax appeal makes sense for your commercial or residential property.