Petefish Attorney Wins Gold!

Winemaking Award

Petefish attorneys have some interesting hobbies.  Petefish partner Rick Hird and his wife, Debby, and son, Scott, own Wild Hare Vineyard at their property in rural Baldwin.  They primarily sell grapes to local wineries, but Rick and Scott are also amateur winemakers.  They received favorable comments about their wines from area winemakers, but wondered how they might stack up with others on a broader scale.  So, Wild Hare Vineyard entered its first wine competition in July, with the modest goal of getting some helpful feedback from the judges.  However, the results were quite surprising.

In its very first attempt in a wine competition, the Wild Hare 2012 Norton won a Double Gold Medal at the 2015 Indianapolis International Wine Competition.  To put it in perspective, out of 2,100 wines entered in the competition, 140 received Double Gold.  The Hirds were thrilled to receive the unexpected award!

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